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CCTV Education

63.6% of Losses from Employee Theft and Administration Errors

The following is a study that shows how 63.6% of losses are from employee theft and administration errors



A security checklist from the U.S. consumer product safety commission


Cable Guide

Most security camera video is transmitted using coaxial cable like RG59 and RG6 using a composite video signal. The most popular cable is Siamese Cable, which is a combination of RG59 for video and a pair of 18-gauge for power in one jacket. This design makes it so that you only need to run one cable for each camera. This type of cable is good for runs under 750 feet and comes on spools of 500’ or 1000’. Using RG6, you can achieve runs longer than 750’; however, most CCTV professionals use CAT5e and Balun connectors for cable runs over 750’.


Voltage Drop Calculator

Running cable a long distance and not sure if you're going to get enough power to your security camera? Use this calculator to estimate cable voltage drop for sizing conductors

Lens Calculator

Easy to use calculator to help you determine to best lens for your security camera


Wide Dynamic Range and True Day/Night Filter

The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) function of a camera is intended to provide clear images even under back light circumstances where intensity of illumination can vary excessively. The WDR allows a camera to filter the intense back light surrounding a subject and thus enhances the ability to distinguish features and shapes on the subject. WDR cameras are usually recommended for situations where light enters a premise from various angles such as a multi-window room. A camera placed on the inside of the room will be able to see through the intense sunlight or artificial light coming in.


Lux Chart

The lux is the unit of illuminance defined in terms of lumens per meter squared (lm/m 2)

What is D1? DCIF? 4CIF?

There is some confusion in the naming of high-quality video resolutions used by several video surveillance systems on the market. This confusion has allowed less-than- scrupulous system designers to fool unsuspecting customers.


Storage Calculations for Ambush DVRs

Advanced storage calculation formulas


Video Analytics & Intruder Detection Demo Videos

Video Analytics enhance surveillance effectiveness by automating the task of monitoring video and detecting events, providing a high probability of detection while maintaining a remarkably low false alarm rate.


How Frames Per Second Work

Video demonstration and comparison frames per second (FPS)


What is a Digital Video Recorder?

Confused on what a digital video recorder (DVR) is? The following may help


Field of View Samples

Examples of Field of View from various different lens sizes


Video Compression Technology

Video compression technology definition and terms



DVR Manuals

Ambush DVR Manuals


DVR Software

Ambush DVR Software and firmware upgrades